Cacao Magic

Welcome to Mama Cacao!

My work with cacao has truly been a calling and I feel deeply blessed and honored to share her divine magic and wisdom with the world through one-on-one sessions, group cacao ceremonies, individual mentoring and my signature cacao ceremony starter kit.

At the moment I offer cacao ceremonies in shared community gatherings and in private one-on-one or group sessions online or offline.

In both I will guide you through the spiritual journey of the Heart and we will activate Mother Cacao throughout the entire body and the soul. Curious? As for many people the work with cacao is still very new, it's just normal to be a bit hesitant about it ;)

If you have any questions, please reach out! As you know 'there is no such thing as a stupid question'! I am beyond happy to share more with you about the profound, sweet yet powerful magic of cacao!



Cacao Ceremony Heart Oneness Beyond You AwakeWhat is a cacao ceremony?

People often ask me that question... and well I can only tell you what it means to ME :)

Cacao ceremony to me is a true celebration. A celebration of life, love, humankind, divine heart energy and community.

Mama Cacao, the sacred medicine from ancient lands honored and blessed by its indigineous people, opens our hearts and gets us deeply connected to ourselves and all living beings around us.

For me it is a true experience of ONENESS.



Let's dive a little bit deeper. Because YES I love to go where it gets juicy ;)

When we hear ‘ceremony’ nowadays many of us don’t really now what that means. So let me try to share with you where in my opinion the difference lies between a ceremony and just another common situation. Within a ceremony a special, very sacred and multidimensional space is created which allows our consciousness to switch and move beyond our common daily linear beta-waves (speaking of brain waves) into an alpha or sometimes even theta state which establishes a multifaceted expanded perception that is not tied to the time space continuum as we know it. There are many existing plant medicines that can shift us into these higher realms, yet cacao is doing so in a very gentle and loving way. Cacao Deva or Cacao Goddess is the spirit behind the material form of cacao which we can consume as a drink and she carries a high frequency that opens our sacred heart portals. If you intentionally call in her medicine she will guide you to access your intuition and the dimensions beyond your logical mind.

The Mayan Shamans called cacao 'food of the gods' and used it to open the heart and access higher dimensions. Cacao is a feminine spirit, a messenger of an eternal wisdom of unconditional love and unity of all creation. Ceremonial cacao allows us to gain insight into what we truly desire on a soul level and to realise what's holding us back stepping into the next abundant version of ourselves!

Cacao is not only a superfood providing us with multiple health benefits but a powerful plant medicine that will without doubt transform your life, relationships, creative projects & how connected you feel to yourself and your own heart's intelligence.

I am so passionate to share this medicine with you because cacao truly changed my life on so many levels! I am more than happy to share the magic of cacao with you! As a cacao creatrix I work with a range of clients from different industries and backgrounds. Private cacao coachings, special occasions, personal transitions or creative sessions, cacao is calling all of us! And especially in these shaky times right now I see ceremonial cacao as one of the most important plant allies to help us personally and collectively to make the change that is needed and create a new way of being. Cacao reminds us that we are powerful, sovereign and multidimensional beings.


In ceremonial dose raw cacao is a magical and powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. The spirit of cacao is the one who opens the door to your heart - then it's up to you to take the leap!

... are you ready? Stay curious how cacao unfolds its magic for you!