Birth Chart Necklace Gold - Horoskop Kette personalisiert gold
Birth Chart Necklace Gold - Horoskop Kette personalisiert gold
Birth Chart Necklace Gold - Horoskop Kette personalisiert gold

Signature Birth Chart Necklace

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'Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.'

- Dane Rudhyar

Beyond You Awake creates a beautifully crafted and completely custom-made natal necklace based on your unique astrological chart.

Your birthchart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth showing you the precise location of the planets and their constellations. Your birthchart is unique. No, not a little bit unique. Beyond unique! Ever got to know someone with the same fingerprint as you? Same chances you find someone with the same birth chart as you ;)

Having read your sun sign’s horoscope for years but nothing else? Well then your birthchart can be downright illuminating! Because hey wake up my love, you are not just one single lonely sign that dictates your destiny but rather a complex cosmic being made up of many, yes I mean many, planetary signs and constellations.

Get your divine soul map of the heavens, alchemizing your birth date, time and place engraved onto your personalized astrology jewelry. Please be aware that your accurate birth information is required to create a necklace for you! In the order process you will have the chance to leave your exact details in the ‘note box’: date, time and place of birth.

NOTE: Wondering about accuracy? Intending to read to one degree and figure certain aspects from a necklace? Uuuups, not a good idea. Let’s put it like this: this is jewelry – not an excel sheet 😉 That’s what is for! Please see your Signature Birth Chart Necklace as an artistic download of your divine cosmic blueprint.



Each jewelry item is uniquely handmade with love and intention using only high quality and long lasting materials. .

  • 23 karat gold plated 925 Sterling silver; 23x23x1,5mm
  • rhodium plated to prevent silver tarnishing
  • engraving of your natal chart with figures of the zodiacs, size of your houses and placement of the planets (fyi: not included are Chiron and Lilith)
  • nickelfree