Cacao - Group Gathering

Cacao - Group Gathering

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The magic of ceremonial cacao supports us in remembering, feeling and celebrating the universal connection when we come together as community.

You have a group of friends, family members or coworkers you would love to experience cacao with in your own sacred container just for you? Look no further, I got you!

A cacao ceremony is a chocolatey heartopening event ideal for various occasions:

  • birthdays
  • wedding anniversaries
  • festivals
  • couples
  • friends/ family get togethers
  • corporate events
  • team meetings/ retreats
  • and other community gatherings

How Group Gathering works:

I absolutely love facilitating cacao ceremonies for private or professional group occasions, it's always a very powerful and unique moment when we gather in community and share a cup of cacao medicine.

I will create the ceremony individually according to your needs and desires. As I am working with a variety of different elements you are always free to choose your own kind of magic. Or you simply leap into the unknown and I will come up with some ideas ;)

Group ceremonies start at 200€, once I know the specifics of your inquiry I will be able to tell you a final price. As I love to travel and discover new places, I do group ceremonies also outside of Germany!

So whatever you have in mind, please just reach out to me, I am happy to see how we can make magic happen together!