Saturn Master Teacher

Saturn Master Teacher

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'Saturn doesn't ask to give up our dreams - jut to make them real.'

- Steven Forrest


Saturn Magic

Saturn is not simply just another planet in the sky and let's be real: Saturn doesn’t make things easy. But hey as the nonplusultra karma teacher he's just fullfilling his dharma as he is the ultimate taskmaster in the world wide planetary web. Saturn says: go to work and never ease out your discipline, structure and responsibility but yet, if you are eager to conquer the world, I wouldn't say no! ;)

This beautiful planet can symbolize power, change and organisation. Sometimes appreciated by our ego mind, sometimes less welcomened but how you respond to it will define your reality and outcomes. When you wear it, it will not only hang delicately around your neck bringing a unique feel to your look but it will also enhance structure and meaning in your life. Especially on days when you need a little extra confidence or you want to leave a lasting impression on those around you, Saturn as an Ally will be your master teacher.

Ready for some out of the world vibes? Then this jewelry will certainly add some extra interplanetary sparkle to your day! Treat yourself to some magic with this Saturn Master Teacher Necklace or buy it for a friend, loved one or family member as a gift :)



Each jewelry item is uniquely handmade with love and intention using only high quality and long lasting materials. The raw authentic force of magic comes with naturally sourced stones and crystals, therefore, a slight variation in color combination, shape and size may occur.

  • necklace: silver stainless steel, 50cm
  • saturn charm: silver plated messing, 17x17mm