Solar System Bracelet
Solar System Bracelet
Solar System Bracelet
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Solar System Bracelet

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'You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.'

- Eckhart Tolle


Are you a lover of astrology, space and the universe?

Good news! Our solar system bracelet brings it all together and right around your wrist. This little mysterious bracelet celebrates the 9 planets of our solar system, featuring Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury and Moon. And guess who is the sun? It's you! Because you are the star in your own solar system, important and integral to the way things work radiating a powerful energy to everyone you engage with.

Our unique handcrafted solar system bracelet carries healing properties of high-quality gemstones each carefully and consciously chosen. Each single stone represents the planets in our solar system that spin and align around you as the sun, as well as the moon, black holes, asteroids, meteorites and other celestial bodies in the vast galaxy.

Our universe is mysteriously beautiful and so are you! Our gorgeous Solar System Bracelet is unique, dainty and a great way of expressing your fascination for galaxies and the space that surrounds us beyond our mother planet. The concept and beauty of space mystifies and enchants people all over the world, so treat yourself to some magic with this jewelry or buy it for a friend, loved one or family member as a gift :)

Planets & Meanings behind Stones

Neptune: Sodalite (6mm)

promotes truth, integrity and creativity; enables better communication (writing and dream time); increases intuition; promotes psychic abilities

Uranus: Turquoise Howlite (6mm)

heightens awareness and patience with spiritual and emotional powers; promotes stillness and tenderness; opens and prepares the mind to receive energies and wisdom from the universe

Saturn: Calcite (8mm)

connects emotions with intellect; boosts sunshine factor in your emotional forecast; increases good vibrations; helps to transform ideas into actions

Jupiter: Tiger-Eye (10mm)

brings good luck; enhances motivation and willpower; boosts confidence; promotes action and energy

Mars: Red Chalcedony (5mm)

introduces change in life and strength in tough times; boosts confidence; increases physical energy

Earth: Lapis Lazuli (10mm)

releases stress; brings deeper inner self-knowledge; provides multi-dimensional cellular healing

Moon: Labradorite (5mm)

enhances communication with the divine; balances mind and spirit; strengthens your connection to the subconscious

Venus: Yade (10mm)

provides insights; symbolizes gentleness and nourishment; carries the loving heart energy; promotes life force energy; imparts peace

Mercury: Magnesite (5mm)

soothing, calming energy; initiates clear thinking, creative visualization and imagination; grounds and aligns your mind


Each jewelry item is uniquely handmade with love and intention using only high quality and long lasting materials. The raw authentic force of magic comes with naturally sourced stones and crystals, therefore, a slight variation in color combination, shape and size may occur.

  • Bracelet: 16,5cm
  • Gemstones: please see above
  • elastic stretch cord for any wrist size
  • nickelfree

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